Sabine Hyland is an anthropologist and ethnohistorian her work explores the little-known cultures of the Andes, both past and present. Her research has taken her to remote mountain villages in Central and Southern Peru to meet with native community leaders as well as with local healers and diviners. She also investigates archives in Peru and Spain, analyzing 400-year old manuscripts for the information they reveal about the Inka past.. Read More

Decoding the Incas

National Geographic recently made a documentary about Sabine’s research, titled “Decoding the Incas”.  Translated to over 25 languages, this documentary aired as part of Nat Geo’s Ancient X Files series. 

Inka khipu cords

One of the great mysteries of ancient South America is the Inka “writing” system using knotted, colored cords for graphic communication.  Despite important insights from researchers, our understanding of how these cords recorded information is still in its infancy.  This hybrid khipu/alphabetic text from the Central Andes may provide clues as to how khipus were […]