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“Unravelling a Secret” by Bridget Alex. October 2017 issue of Discover Magazine features a major article on my khipu decipherment work. “High in the Peruvian Andes, in the remote village of San Juan de Collata, sits a wooden box that’s sacred to the locals who keep a close guard over it. It contains 487 cords of twisted and dyed animal fibers that, according to its caretakers, encode messages planning an 18th century rebellion.
Anthropologist Sabine Hyland was invited by community members to study the strings — the first outsider permitted to view them — but only for 48 hours and under constant supervision…Discover Magazine


  1. Kari E. Nurmi says:

    I am, together with late academician Matti A. Pitkänen and Ritva Lehtinen (my wife), author of The Grandchildren of the Incas. I got interested in your work by seeing NG:s documentary about it. For a long time I have been fairly certain that khipus are a system of writing Рhow else could Incas have administered their empire. Your work is an important step for us being able to interpret it, so: Gratulations and Thanks for your contribution. I will follow your work with interest.


    • Dear Kari, It was so kind of you to write — I really appreciate it! I’ll be back in Peru next year, working in remote villages, searching for more traces of the ancient khipus.

      Have a very Happy New Year!

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