Uncovering a hybrid khipu/alphabetic text in the Central Andes

Currently she is researching the Inka writing system of knotted cords known as khipus.  She has uncovered a hybrid khipu/alphabetic text in an inaccessible pueblo in the Central Andes – the only text in existence with both European writing and the corresponding Inka style khipu cords.  It is hoped that this text, called a “khipu board”, will reveal clues as to how the khipus encoded information.

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  1. Raul Rivera
    Raul Rivera says:

    Hello Sabine, I am from Peru and I would like to read your article about Khipus Incas, is a very interesting subject the possibility of writing existed at that time. Please you let us know when you publish the article.
    Best regards.

    • Sabine Hyland
      Sabine Hyland says:

      Dear Raul, Thanks for asking! Latin American Antiquity will be publishing my article on the khipu board in June; American Anthropologist will be publishing another article of mine about khipus in September. It’s very kind of you to ask.

  2. john Shepherd
    john Shepherd says:

    was wondering if you have access to the new book on Kennewick Man? I have been living in Arizona now since retiring, doesn’t mean I quit learning. Talking to a psychologist in this area, it has be suggested i spend time researching my master and possible PhD. Hope all is well with you. Paul Utterback in in Mali but haven’t talked to him in several years since I moved out here. Is there any progresson Khipus and defining their usage.

  3. Sergio Jose Pessoa
    Sergio Jose Pessoa says:

    Sabine tudo bem? Sou brasileiro e assisti um programa de TV em que mostrava seu trabalho com os Incas. Gostei muito e achei bem interessante, parabéns.




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