Inka khipu cords

One of the great mysteries of ancient South America is the Inka “writing” system using knotted, colored cords for graphic communication.  Despite important insights from researchers, our understanding of how these cords recorded information is still in its infancy.  This hybrid khipu/alphabetic text from the Central Andes may provide clues as to how khipus were “read”.  Because much of its written text is obscured by bat urine and dirt, multispectral imaging was used to reveal the hidden words.

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  1. Bhinda
    Bhinda says:

    Okay I said I needed to go to Africa brfeoe I died. No now it’s to this place..So amazing of this for this to exists. Since I also speak spanish I’m sure I can get more than just cheese and potatoes. Just it I need some sort of permit to go their once I land in Lima also any recommendations as to a group that I can cordinate this with?


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